Choosing what’s right for you.

Sit down and consider your space, your lifestyle and the amount of time you want to invest in pool, yard and accessory maintenance. All of these factors – along with an Arcade Pools consultation – will help determine what kind of inground pool is best for you and the kind of accessories that will make it feel like it was meant for you (think lights, diving rocks, cabanas and water features).

Inground pools

When you’re ready to buy an inground pool, Arcade Pools has more than 40 years of pool design and installation experience to help you create your backyard oasis.

Whether you need a swimming pool for a small space, or you have a large lot that needs design expertise to ensure it’s used wisely, our integrity and exceptional quality consistently wows clients. It’ll wow you, too.

At Arcade Pools, size doesn’t matter. We build lap pools, compact 12×24-foot inground pools for typical suburban backyards and sprawling 22×42-foot swimming pools with fountains and coach houses for clients who have acreage to spare.

While we can offer several budget-friendly pool concepts, don’t waste your hard-earned money with cheap inground pools. A job done well will bring you and your family years of enjoyment, creating memories – not headaches.

So, how much is an inground pool? Contact Arcade Pools today for your free, competitive estimate.

Above-ground pools

Above-ground pools are attractive to many families and above-ground pool prices can be economical. We want you to have the right pool for your space, and you need to be sure that whatever route you take is one that fits your lifestyle, too.

When you invite us to your home, we’ll assess your individual situation, yard space and budget. If it turns out that an above-ground pool makes the most sense for your family, we’ll refer you to reputable companies who will be able to assist you. If you decide to go with inground pool, Arcade Pools will take excellent care of you.

Backyard water features

Water features for swimming pools are what often take a client’s breath away when they first see the finished project.

Swimming pool water features can accent an inground pool beautifully. The overall footprint of an outdoor water feature doesn’t have to be significant; even the smallest water fountain can create memorable ambiance that’s not only ideal for aesthetics but also for creating soothing white noise.

We partner with local landscapers and craftsmen to create backyard water features that are both eye-catching and functional.